[125] Efficiency leaders and laggards

This hardly comes as a surprise. Stimulated by regulation and competition, industry has been making massive improvements in energy efficiency, while transport and buildings are lagging behind.

With electric vehicles, building automation systems and heat pumps, the technologies to make a big leap forward in these sectors are at hand. However, the transition is slowed down by:

  • Barriers in the electric vehicle market such as lack of consumer choice and limitations in charging infrastructure.
  • Slow building renovation rates.

[13] Seven years of Efficiency First!

This tweet was written during the regulatory process for the Energy Efficiency Directive. During the update of the same directive in 2018, it is worth repeating this message. It takes time for reality to follow regulation (or regulation to follow reality 😁?). The stock of efficient motors surpassed the share of 50% only 8 years after the efficiency regulation came into force. In the transition towards a decarbonized economy, the last steps are expected to be the hardest. Eventually we will be happy that stringent energy efficiency measures were taken, to avoid that state-of-the-art renewable energy needs to be wasted by energy-guzzling devices from another era.