[35] Can electricity be a fuel?

Biofuels can reduce greenhouse gas emissions to varying degrees, when compared to fossil fuels. The reduction potential varies between 10% and 90%, depending on the fuel used and how it is managed (in some extreme cases, due to land use change, the carbon balance can be even worse than the fossil alternative).

A new development since 2012 is the rapid electrification of transport, for which there is both political momentum and market developments. In carbon-intensive electricity systems, some biofuels can perform well, but on average, electricity works better than most fuel types, and will do so increasingly as the electricity system decarbonises.

[2] The promise of variable frequency drives

Variable frequency drives have been on a steady rise since well over a decade. Eventually, over half of electrical motors may be equipped with drives.

Given today’s competitive VSD market and their excellent functionality that come as standard, it is easy to regard VSDs as a commodity product. Nevertheless, what this tweet stated in 2009 is still valid. To get the best out of a VSD it remains vitally important to know how to apply it. Therefore, if you are wanting a high performing and long lasting drive system, buying from a supplier with excellent applications support can still make the difference.