[44] Benefits of energy efficiency in unexpected places

Minimizing heat losses in electrical installations improves both energy efficiency and fire prevention. Choosing a conductor material with a high conductivity serves both goals. Sound design, correct installation and thorough maintenance of electrical contacts are important as well.

When advocating for energy efficiency, associated fire safety benefits increasingly receive attention through the recently revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. Vice versa, when advocating for electrical safety, more attention could go to the synergies with energy efficiency.

[12] Improving energy efficiency can affect fire safety

During the past 10 years, energy efficiency in buildings was widely promoted by authorities at various levels. This was done without much consideration regarding technical installations (e.g. electricity). It was certainly not a good approach to just increase the thickness of wall insulation without at least a control of the technical installations. This tweet from 2010 was visionary because fire safety is now strongly integrated in the 2018 edition of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.