[90] Spheres of influence 2

Individual action is not only about turning down the thermostat, putting on a sweater or leaving the car in the garage. While every measure counts, we can make a bigger difference by thinking about action in our spheres of influence:

  • As consumers, buying more sustainable products and questioning retailer practices;
  • As citizens, checking our municipality’s policies;
  • As neighbours, recognizing good and bad practices in our vicinity;
  • As employees, setting a good example in our working environments.


[48] Efficiency goes agile

This story highlighted how energy efficiency can or should be used as a planning tool in the licensing of new power stations. The more that cost-effective energy-saving measures can be realized, the less need there is for additional electricity production.

But average energy demand is only one consideration; required power capacity is another. Therefore, the International Energy Agency (IEA) recently advocated for an accurate prediction of the Demand Response (DR) potential that can shift energy use to moments of surplus. Just like with energy efficiency, DR is increasingly being taken into account in grid and power plant capacity planning.